3 days in.

Can you believe it, 3 days in.

PCYC: Dumped. Now it’s back.

Roads to Recovery: Dumped. Now it’s back (kind of)

& now, day 3 more money found somewhere.

In extradorinary scenes, the government released the budget, went to bed, woke up, and said ” …geez, you know who we forgot..” and blew a hole in their own budget! 12 hours later! And have kept doing it ever since. Talk about your projected surplus.

Now Michael McCormack is reintroducing himself as our local member and playing us for absolute mugs.

He is sitting on a pretty healthy margin at the moment, so on May 18, let’s send him a message. One that he will hear.

“You can’t roll up 5 minutes out from the election, and say ‘Hi, I’m Michael McCormack, and I’m your local member.’ ”

Send a message on May 18. Make sure he hears it.

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